Sending requests

All requests should go to the APIs base URL, https://fapi.wrmsr.io/, followed by the path of the method you want to execute (e.g. https://fapi.wrmsr.io/emojimosaic).
A list of all paths is available.

All requests should be sent with an Authorization header with a value of Bearer <your token>. Additionally, POST requests should always be sent with a Content-Type header stating the type of the request body.
All JSON POST request bodies have the same layout (though additional properties may be added to args. You can check what extra arguments controllers take in the specific controller docs):

    "images": ["https://path.to/image.png"],
    "args": {
        "text": "Example Text"

You can POST the binary image data to the controller path directly as long as the controller does not take any additional arguments in args (make sure to set the correct Content-Type header (e.g. Content-Type: image/png), however).